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Pondteam® is a specialized producer and supplier of pond product and has been the marketleader in Scandinavia for many years.

We have a very wide assortment ranging from DIY to professional public fountains and more than 30 years experience in product development and tailor made assortments to different customergroups.

In 2017 we formed a special export division – Pondteam International AB – with a main focus on international sales.
We are initiating with one of the most innovative productseries the pond industry has seen in many years – the Pondlink® program.
An easy automated system controlled by a mobile App – making pondkeeping easier than ever before……
You can visit the Pondlink® website at www.pondlink.com

We have our own research and development in Denmark and Sweden and a running pipeline of new products coming along with variations of existing.

Our aim is to provide the best opportunities for Aquatic specialists, Gardencenters with an Aquatic department and installers to ensure the best results for the many pondkeepers around the world.

Pondlink products are produced and tested in accordance with different standards (Like ETL, CETL, EMC, CE, GS etc.).
Please note that products and controlsystems might vary according to local regulations and changement in design/function as a result of our running development.

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